Hi. I'm Teshone.

Thanks for taking a moment to see what we’re up to here at Fenyx Consulting.


Some of the things I love most in life are hugs, billiards, supporting women and BIPOC entrepreneurs, racial reconciliation, and watching comedy. I'm a Southerner at heart who has been fortunate enough to call Oakland, CA, aka "The Town", home for the past 7 years.


Some time ago, I realized that I deeply enjoy using my creative expertise to help people solve problems. Through my work over the past decade, I have empowered individuals and organizations to design the impact that they envision. My work at Fenyx Consulting is about leveraging the power of transformative relationships and creative acumen to support partners in delivering their vision to the world.

What is the impact that you desire to make through your business or organization? Drop me a line and let’s chat. 

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